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Ten Years of Lithography on Stone, WEST ROOM GALLERY, 1993

.....I realize now that this interaction between Raffaelli and an American artist speaks to how the eclectic styles of the prints in the show were all one. They were united by an awareness of this responsiveness of the stone to a sensitive touch. The print by Lola Barranco, from Barcelona, Spain, stands out in this regard. It is as if stone and sense coalesced into one. Made up of marks furiously put down within straight structures of encasing and hierarchical line, the print seems not an outburst, but rather an expression of the power of outburst and the imprint on the senses that outburst leaves behind.

This conscious use of expressive medium to capture strong emotion, passing time, intimate experience, subtle thought, and to push these beyond cultural/linguistic boundaries is what the Corona Studio Show was and is.........


by Mavis Keepin